2015 Japan summer trip (days 7 & 8)

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August 15

I finished up some work in the morning then did some sightseeing in the afternoon. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This day followed the precedent set on the 13th of August. This was the second day in two weeks I walked around 15,000 steps.

First stop: Shitennoji temple
This was probably a 15-20 minute walk from where we stayed in Osaka. It was very hot that day and the place was lively. I think there was some event happening or something.

Next stop: Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
Can’t remember why I went here.

I hopped on a train from Shitennoji temple.

Next stop: Tsutenkaku, Shinsekai
I went back to the Tennoji area to visit the tower. I just walked around the area.

Took the same train from Osaka Tenangu Shrine.

Next stop: Tennoji Zoo
My first zoo experience. I spent most of the afternoon roaming the zoo and saw a lot of animals.

The zoo looks huge from the map.

Walked to Tennoji Station and ate ramen for dinner.

August 16

This was our last day. Thankfully it was a mellow one – I didn’t have to do any work. We checked out in the morning, left our stuff in lockers at Namba Station and spent most of the day roaming the malls near the station.

Final note
It may not have turned out as planned, but it was still one to remember. This trip taught me a few things:
1. Shit happens, just accept it and move on. The sooner I do this, the sooner I get to come up with ways to make it work.
2. It is not advisable to pack a Mt. Fuji climb along with other destinations in a fixed schedule. The weather will play a huge role on the outcome of the whole experience.

Also, would you believe I ended up spending more than 40 hours of work during that week?

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