2015 Japan summer trip (days 5 & 6)

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August 13

After more than a full day’s work and very little sleep from the previous day, I managed to get in some sightseeing time in the afternoon. This was the day I logged more than 15,000 steps (according to my old phone’s pedometer app) in one afternoon.

First stop: Kiyomizudera
This was my third visit to this beautiful place. What else is there to say? The place is as beautiful as ever. Oh, and did I mention the place was beautiful?

Plus I got a chance to get a Shuin.

Next stop: Kodaiji
I wasn’t supposed to go to Kodaiji. The plan was to walk to Yasaka Shrine via Ishibe Alley. I got lost a little bit and figured, why not drop by Kodaiji. I didn’t get in though. When I saw that the Shuin place was beside the ticket counter, I just got a stamp and continued looking for Ishibe Alley.

Surely I’ll be using this map again:

Next stop: Ishibe Alley
Pretty place. Would love to see the place in another season.

The map:

Next stop: Yasaka Shrine
I continued walking towards Yasaka Shrine.

I probably didn’t get to see everything inside the shrine’s grounds.

Just follow Shijo Dori going east.

Got a shuin and spent a few minutes admiring the structures and then continued walking towards Shirakawa-minami Dori.

Next stop: Shirakawa-minami Dori & Shinbashi Dori
Another one of the preserved streets in Kyoto.

It’s just a short walk from Yasaka Shrine.

I then walked to Hanamikoji Dori.

Next stop: Gion (Hanamikoji Dori)
This was my second visit. This time, I walked the whole way towards Kenninji.

Similar to Shirakawa-minami Dori, it felt like I went back in time.

Next stop: Kenninji
I got to see the inside of one of the structures within the temple grounds. It was nice.

Added to bucket list: Kenninji in autumn.

I walked to Gion-Shijo Station through Hanamikoji Dori then hopped on trains to Tennoji Station.

Next stop: Tennoji Station
I hung out for a bit at the walkway connecting Tennoji Station and Abeno Harukas before going back to the guesthouse.

August 14

I was working the whole day. Again.

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