2015 Japan summer trip (day 2)

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August 10

The day still went on as planned, as the work thing that f*-ed everything up wasn’t until that night.

First stop: Osaka Castle
This was my second visit to this beautiful castle. Though during the fist time, I wasn’t able to see the inside. At this point I had already decided on multiple shots as my preferred method of documentation. I started taking pictures as soon as we exited Morinomiya Station. I still made a mistake though as I did not realize I pressed the button twice (effectively stopping the camera from taking pictures). I only noticed it when we were way past the fountain.

We still got a bit lost as I kind of forgot which way to go after the fountain.

Next stop: Burger King
Yep, you read that right, Burger King. We took a train from Osaka Business Park Station to Kyobashi Station to get to the closest Burger King for lunch. We wanted to try the 赤Samurai Burgers.
They were d, e, licious.

Next stop: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
My first aquarium (aka fish zoo) experience got off to a hot start. Literally very hot as we lined up in the heat for around (I think) 20 minutes to get our tickets. Even though it was a Monday, there were still lots of people.

The entrance leads you to the top floor of the building where you go on a downward spiraling direction inside the building as you see the various species. At the center of the building is a huge multi-floor tank where the whale sharks, rays and other big fishes swim around.

We hopped on two trains from Kyobashi station to Osakako Station to get to Osaka Aquarium.

Next stop: Tempozan Ferris Wheel
This was also the first time I got on a Ferris Wheel.

It was just a short walk from Kaiyukan.

We saw a giant giraffe made up of Lego blocks.

Next stop: Umeda Sky Building
This was my second visit and it was the same as the last time: around sunset.

It took two trains from Osakako Station to Umeda Station to get here.

This was where we went off book. We were supposed to take a bus from Namba Station to Numazu Station for the Mt. Fuji climb the following day but instead we booked a room at Guest House Bear’s Moriguchi for the three days that we were supposed to be hiking.

After a quick visit to the nearby supermarket (this was already around 11pm), my friend went to bed as I was busy working.

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