Third saturday

August 5, 2017: Tourist for a day.

Like I said, there wasn’t much to do that day so I decided to be a tourist.

With still limited funds, I decided to again visit Mt. Daimonji. Besides, I can get some exercise and get started on that ‘4 seasons’ thing I planned on doing.

5:07 am – Got up
That’s around the same time I get up during weekdays.

6:31 am – Off we go

6:44 am – Tachibana station
It took two trains and around a half hour walk to get to the starting point near Ginkakuji’s entrance.

7:18 am – Kyobashi station

7:24 am – Kyobashi station (Keihan line)
I hopped on the train that had the double decker car. I think it was my second time. Next time I’ll probably find a seat on the lower area.


Elegant Saloon 8000 Series


Top floor passengers

I also learned that that same train line passes by Fusimi Inari Taisha.

8:15 am – Demachiyanagi station
I could have taken the bus from here towards Ginkakuji but it’ll be another 210JPY.


The 大 character on the mountain’s side

About halfway there the large dai (大) character can be seen.

Speaking of which, I was told the festival where the 大 character will be lit is on the night of August 15. I’ve known about it before during my first trips, it’s just that it was either on the day I landed or on my departure date.


Philosopher’s path sign and Kyoto trail post

A short segment of the walk went along the Philosopher’s path. This is the path that’s lined with cherry trees and is absolutely a must-visit place during spring.


Philosopher’s path curves to the right

Philosopher’s path continues to the right while the entrance to Ginkakuji is straight ahead.


First temple visitors

8:58 am – Ginkakuji entrance


Almost empty

It’s either the temple was still closed or was just about to open.

Turning left from there leads to the starting point.

Since it’s my third time there, I’ll just show some of the highlights of the ascent.


So you know you’re on the right path


Going down


Going up


Last set of stairs

9:36 am – Small shrine in the middle of the 大


Ah, rest

So, about that ‘4 seasons’ thing, I thought I’d try to take photos of the same scenery, one for each of the four seasons. I had already planned on doing it before but the logistics seemed daunting. Now, it’s a bit more feasible.

I’ll start with this one.


Mt. Daimonji, summer

10:39 am – Moving on
That wasn’t the at the top yet. 20 or so minutes of walking is needed to get to the peak.

10:58 am – Peak


I think they moved the height marker


Cloudy day

I stayed there for a little over 30 minutes: ate lunch and stared squintily (is that even a word?) at the scenery.

11:32 am – Started descent

12:56 pm – Ginkakuji entrance
It took me longer getting back down as I was also playing PoGo. Took down three gyms and caught a bunch of ‘mons on the way down.


There’s lots more people too

1:35 pm – Demachiyanagi station

2:27 pm – Kyobashi station (Keihan line)

2:32 pm – Kyobashi station
No wonder this station looked familiar, it’s the closest station to the place we stayed at during my first trip.

3:15 pm – Tachibana station
Couldn’t recall what time I got home as I lingered for a bit at the drugstore looking for vitamin Cs. Would you believe they have vitamin C doses that go up to 4000mg? I know, I know, pics or didn’t happen. Next time then.


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