Almost there
There’s not much going on in this item.

It’s looking like I’ll be stuck at around 41.5/42 inches throughout the year. That is, unless I do something drastic. Which at the time of this writing, won’t be happening anytime soon.

2. study
Man, zeroes do wreak havoc on the average. I had a few no-study days because of all the fuss of wrapping up for work. The average went down two minutes to 72.

The short-lived Duolingo experience also didn’t help.

Duoliongo’s Japanese for English speakers course came out last June 9. I’d been waiting for this for almost 2 years now. Actually, it came out on IOS a few weeks ago. But since I had an Android device, I had to wait a few weeks more.

june 9 - duolingo japanese for english speakers course


That night I fired up the app and checked out the course. Instead of starting from the first lesson, I opted to take the placement test to see where I’d end up.

After the placement test, I was redirected to the course page and ended up having finished almost all of the lessons. I basically started at the Hobby 3 lesson.


I started here

Notice that I only had 6 more lessons left before finishing the course.

Then the weekend came and this happened.


Overzealous much?

Well, thanks to the placement test, I finished the course in around three days. I think the course was for beginners, that’s probably why it was a bit easy for me.

It was still fun, although there were a few things that were a bit frustrating. These are understandable as the course is just a few days old. It’s just that you can’t help but go ‘what?’ or ‘seriously?’ when you encounter some of these.


I don’t ‘go’ shopping, I ‘do’ shopping


I missed ‘people’


taking walks != walking




Sure, why not?

As the course matures, these will all get sorted out eventually. In the meantime, you’ll just have to stick to the specified correct answers.

3. travels
Right, the update.

I’ll soon be switching jobs. The new job will be waaay closer to the locations on the list I’ve written during the first day of 2017.


  • Mt. Ishizuchi – probably a weekend trip
  • Shimonada Station – not sure yet about this, still have to check trains
  • 2018 bike trip – most probably not happening. weekend bike trips, sure. more than a week-long, highly unlikely
  • third spring trip – oh definitely. but hopefully with some of the family (still waiting for tickets though)
  • year-end holidays – right now, I’m saying yes

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