Still nothing


Make that five.

1. health
The foot injury (sort of) I had around six weeks ago really messed things up. Since then I’ve only been doing sporadic, half-hearted things that are barely exercises.

Because of that, I’ve gained half an inch (now at 42).

2. study
At least this item is doing ok. Had another positive thirty days with the average going up from 71 to 74.

I enjoy reading materials that have stories in them. It’s easier to remember because there’s context for almost all of the new words I encounter.

I’m halfway on my second reading of Japanese for busy people’s second book. I’ll most likely be moving on to the third book after that.

Oh and one more thing, I got so excited when news came out about Duolingo’s Japanese for English speakers course. But after reading the news article, it turns out the first release was on IOS. Bummer.

Hopefully the Android version comes out soon. I’ve been waiting for it since I started making do (and eventually finished and dumped) with the reverse course (English for Japanese speakers).

3. travels
I promise, for next month’s entry, there will be an update on this item.


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