More of the same

Man, it’s been four months of monotony.

1. health
Welp. I wasn’t able to keep up the walking exercises. Pokemon go had an easter event last 13th to 20th and I decided to take advantage of it. I probably over-walked on the 15th because on the days that followed, the left foot felt weird.

The worst came on the 17th when I totally couldn’t put any weight on it. For about two days, I was hopping on the right leg to get to places. Rest and soaking the foot in warm salted water helped get things back to normal. It was a slow recovery, after the two hop-only days, three awkward-walking days followed.

Somehow the damage had been done. I still haven’t gone back to walking since the 16th. I was perfecty fine the last week of the month but somehow I just didn’t feel like walking.

The good news though, is that I’m still at 41.5 inches.

2. study
Had a slightly bigger uptick than last month’s. It went up from 67 to 71. I mixed it up a bit and mostly focused on the grammar rules.

I had a bit of speaking practice too (well, sort of) as I was reading most parts of the book (Japanese for busy people) out loud.

3. travels
No changes here. Can’t put any more details until I get some stuff more or less finalized.


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