2016 Japan fall trip (day 9)

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December 5

5:39 am – Got up
I found this Gion matsuri booklet while eating breakfast.


2016 Gion matsuri booklet

Inside, I saw this. Hint: read the english part.


Ladies & gentlemen, the origins of Magikarp

7:10 am – Checked out

7:54 am – Kyoto station
For the remainder of the trip, I was a tour guide to a friend who decided “she needed a vacation” and booked tickets to Japan. She landed (and spent last night) at Chubu airport and was on her way to Kyoto station that morning.

While waiting, I took out the camera and aimed it at the station’s entrance. This is Kyoto station on a Monday.

We dumped most of our stuff in lockers since we won’t be checking in to Tetsuo-san’s apartment until later that day.

9:42 am – Kiyomizudera
This probably was my 4th visit yet somehow I’ve only now noticed this clock.


Was this always here?


Near the Kiyomizu stage


There’s the pagoda…


…and theres Kyoto Tower


Otowa waterfall and the shops below

Glad to see the reconstruction is almost done on the other structures.


Almost done


Getting lost in the colors

I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to take this photo without the people.


Kiyomizu stage


Blue skies


Orange, red, yellow, and green


Taken from near the pagoda on the other side


I’ve never tried getting up these stairs


On the way out…


Still on the way out…


More trees on the way out


Still more trees

12:06 pm – Ichiran Ramen
This was a suggestion. If it was only me, I’d be off to the next destination. However, I was supposed to be a “travel guide” so I can’t revert back to my old ways.

I have to say though, that was solitary dining at its finest. Well, it wasn’t really solitary as we kind of folded some of the dividers between the table.


I had a second helping of the noodles

1:39 pm – Daigoji
We only went to Shimo Daigo this time because I only wanted to see Bentendo with all the maple trees surrounding it. Besides, I asked if she wanted to go see the other two on the lower grounds and she said “nah.”


View after entering Shimo Daigo


This photo looks kinda sad

Turns out we were a bit late as around half of the leaves had already fallen.


I see more branches than leaves

The scenery behind Bentendo however, is a bit different.


More colorful than the previous photo


On the way out

3:55 pm – Kyoto station
We did a bit of backtracking as we were supposed fetch our stuff from Kyoto station before meeting Tetsuo-san at Yamashina station.

4:37 pm – Yamashina station
As usual, Tetsuo-san picked us up.

5:20 pm – At apartment

5:30 pm – Shogunzuka Mound
Tetsuo-san suggested we drop by Shogunzuka for some views of Kyoto city’s night lights. My friend opted not to come with as she hasn’t had a decent sleep since the day before and planned on going to bed early.

After dropping her off at the apartment, Tetsuo-san and I drove to the place.


Looks a bit familiar…

When we were walking to the view point, the place looked somewhat familiar. It felt like I’ve gone there before during the Kyoto trail hike.

And sure enough, I saw a trail post nearby (#22). You’ll just have to believe me on that as I forgot to take a photo of the marker.

Japan guide actually has a page for Shogunzuka Mound but I can’t talk about it very much since on both ocassions, I was only passing by and I haven’t really seen the inside of the place.

5:43 pm – At guesthouse

9:30 pm – Sleep
But before that, you know the drill: moved files, charged devices, did laundry, and bought food from the supermarket.

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