2016 Japan fall trip (day 14)

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December 10

5:51 am – Got up

8:25 am – Checked out

8:46 am – Off we go
Tetsuo-san wasn’t able to take us to Yamashina station. He had prior appointments so he sent us a taxi. He said the fare was on him.

When the agreed upon time came, the taxi was nowhere to be found, so I contacted Tetsuo-san and asked about it. He told us the taxi was on its way.

A few minutes later a taxi came by. We weren’t sure if it was the one Tetsuo-san sent but nevertheless we hopped in as it seemed the taxi was pulling over and looking for us.

When we arrived at Yamashina station, the driver was asking for the fare. It seemed there was some confusion between Tetsuo-san and the taxi he called. So we paid the fare. That was the most logical thing to do at the time as opposed to contacting Tetsuo-san and clearing things up.

Besides, I was in a bit of a hurry as I needed to get to the airport (in Nagoya) before 2 pm for a skype interview.

Everything went fine as a few minutes later, Tetsuo-san checked up on us and realized the misunderstanding between the taxi company. On my next visit, I’ll be getting a refund for the taxi fare.

9:12 am – Kyoto station


Kyoto tower

We took the 10 am bus from Kyoto station to Nagoya station.


Cheaper than going by train (Shinkansen)

12:12 pm – Nagoya station
When we arrived at Nagoya, I went straight to the airport while my friend roamed the surrounding malls looking for some stuff that her family asked her to buy.

Before I went, I showed her which train to take to get to the airport as we agreed we’ll just meet at the airport’s waiting area.

1:36 pm – Chubu airport station
I had a few minutes to look for a relatively quiet spot for the interview.

With the interview finished, I explored the airport a bit.

There was a luau-themed event at the time. It was either the anniversary or maiden voyage of ANA’s Japan-Hawaii flight. Not sure though.


Cute kids on Christmas outfits dancing

There was also another illumination out on the airport’s Sky Deck. This was probably still part of the celebration.


It was still early

I went out to the Sky Deck and looked at some parked planes. It was sooo windy outside.


On your right you’ll see a few planes


Short walk towards the end



At the edge of the walkway, I saw a bunch of people holding cameras with giant lenses taking pictures of the approaching planes.


Where’s the plane?


There it is


Map of Chubu airport


I am (was) here


Lunch/dinner, lunner?

I went out to the Sky Deck again when it got darker.


Bright lights

These were probably some of the destinations that ANA files to.


No clue where this is


I’m guessing Hawaii


Brazil, definitely




Couldn’t see this one clearly; bad angle on the photo


I see penguins




Spain (probably)


I see beer, Germany?


India, that’s the Taj Mahal


One of the bathrooms in Chubu airport

6:11 pm – Checked in
I was first in line. Again.

6:43 pm – At waiting area


Gate 18

8:55 pm – Seated at plane

9:06 pm – Plane moved

9:25 pm – Plane took off

December 11

12:30 am – Plane landed

2:29 am – Back home

Final Note

What did we learn from this? Well, for one, I realized my pace when travelling alone is waaay different than that of when I have company. And second, I mistimed the peak of the season again. It’s really hard to hit the peak when you’re booking tickets more than a year in advance. I’ll just have to try again.

Speaking of trying again. See you in October, Fukuoka.

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