2016 Japan fall trip (day 10)

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No, I did not do any part of the Kyoto hike. I just happened to find the one post that I’ve failed to locate twice.

December 6

5:05 am – Got up
Oh by the way, we stayed in a different apartment. This one can accommodate up to three people. The amenities are still the same, as usual.


The table and beds


The kitchen


The TV only had Japanese channels

6:50 am – Off we go
I was actually all ready to go at 6:22 but she insisted to wait for a bit while she finished up a chapter on the book she’s studying for an exam.

8:38 am – Fushimi Inari Taisha
She requested we use the bikes while in Kyoto. I thought the trip to Fushimi Inari Taisha would be a perfect time for it.

The whole ride was a series of ups and downs going through a hill and residential areas. There were even parts where we were forced to walk because the incline was a bit hard to tackle.

There was some sort of event when we arrived. The pathway between the two huge torii gates had red carpets rolled out with barricades on both sides. We weren’t totally sure but it looked like it was a promotional event for a movie.

Later on, we saw a commotion on the structure next to the first gate. It looked like the two actors on the movie were there. Taking pictures weren’t allowed at that time though.

Sidenote: we both agreed the actress was very pretty.


Gate after the second torii gate


One of the shrine’s guardians


Students on field trips (I think)


The hand washing place


The stage at the end of the red carpets

I’ve already had a ton of pictures of Fushimi Inari Taisha so I’ll probably just put up fall photos.


From the first view point

We only went up until the final view point located just before going through the loop that goes up to the shrine at the summit.


The scenery from the rest area above


A rare, people-less photo


More people coming in

We didn’t stick around long enough to see the event. Around half an hour before lunch time, we were again on the bike heading back to the apartment for lunch.

1:11 pm – At apartment
We parked the bikes and ate lunch.

1:58 pm – Off we go (again)

3:41 pm – Kinkakuji


Kinkakuji area map

This was my second visit. It kinda felt like the grounds were a bit small compared to the others that I’ve been to.

Also, I could have sworn I saw Daimonji’s 大 (Dai) character when we were somewhere near the entrance. But when I tried to look for it while inside, I couldn’t seem to find it.

How to get there: There’s a direct bus from Kyoto station. Bus numbers 101 or 205 will take you there for 230JPY in about 40 minutes.

They are always open from 9 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee costs 400 JPY.

This is the one place that I would very much love to see covered in snow. Someday.


The entrance

It was sort of a perfect timing as the light from the setting sun gave the temple a bright yellow glow.


The temple reflecting the setting sun’s light


Still from the viewing area just after the entrance


A little bit closer

Look at all the people from the viewing area.


I count 287

Here are a couple of photos from the back.


I think I have an exact copy of this same photo from two years ago


This too (probably)

Here are some photos along the walking trail.


The view from up a small hill


Ducks on the nearby pond


More people coming in


A cold snack for a cold afternoon

6:43 pm – At apartment
There’s a temperature readout on route 1. Took this photo from the overpass.


Single-digit temperatures

10:43 pm – Sleep

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