I got left by the bus

I decided to forget about writing this. But because something else happened on the way home, here we are…

Yesterday morning, I hopped on a crowded bus on the way to the new office. We’ve been hit by a strong typhoon during the holidays and since it’s now back to work, my new office is a spot on the floor of the SM mall on the next town.

This bus had two doors – one near the driver and one at the back. I was standing on the second step near the rear door. I couldn’t go up any further because even the aisle was full. There was also another person on the lowermost step nearest the door.

About a third of the way, this girl was supposed to get off. The driver couldn’t even be bothered to pull all the way over. Instead, he positioned the rear door of the bus directly across the windshield of a parked red sedan with little space in between just enough for a person to squeeze through sideways.

As the girl worked her way towards the exit, I quickly thought about my options. The logical thing to do was to get off first, let the girl through then climb back up since the way towards the exit had the least resistance.

I informed the person nearest the door that I’d be going down to let the girl pass. He also got off and took the side nearest the sedan’s hood while at the same time still holding on to the door’s rails. I figured he wasn’t going to let go of it as it was what most people do in his situation. They fear the bus might start moving even with them not having stepped inside and if it does happen (it mostly does), they can pull themselves up towards the exit (or at the very least, bang at the side to somewhat inform the driver he’s about to leave a passenger behind).

I went the other direction all the way towards the rear of the bus so the girl can pass. As she successfully got out, the bus started to move. I couldn’t catch up fast enough as it was hard to move sideways because of the backpack I was wearing. I even bumped into the car’s side mirror.

And there you have it, I got left by the bus. But that’s not all. Remember the other dude nearest the door beside me? Well, he got on just in time and as the bus was speeding away, he was sort of looking back, giving me this you-can-still-make-it look.

“No, dumb-ass, I can’t. It’s a fucking bus. You could’ve at least yelled at the driver to stop as you clearly saw me waving at your stupid ass.”

As soon as I could no longer read the bus’ plate number I realized, “…yup, that happened” and moved on. A few seconds after, I was hailing a jeepney.

The weird thing was, I thought the whole thing was kinda funny. And I felt a bit sad about the sorry state of public transportation that we have.

Oh yeah, that night on the way home, my brother and I rode a jeepney because we knew at that time of the day the lines for the bus would be horrendously long.

We were talking about how at certain times of the day, the fares go up for the same distance. From the mall to the place where we get off and start walking towards our house costs P10, but when the sun goes down, the fare magically goes up to P12. For that same distance, the fare even goes up to P20 at later times in the evening.

The P20 one I can probably understand. It might be some form of extortion as those may be the last trips and passengers desperate enough to go home will cough up the P20. But the P2 increase? What’s up with that?


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