2017 to do list

I’ll be sorting this year’s list according to priority with the items having non-negotiable and (sometimes) optional segments.

1. health
– (non-negotiable) average of 35 inches or less before the year ends
To keep track of things, measurements will be taken every saturday morning after the first pee.

2. study
– (non-negotiable) pass N3 (exam is on July)
– (optional) pay back debt owed last 2016: 134 hours
The 1-hour a day minimum study time is still in effect.

3. travels
– (non-negotiable) climb Mt. Ishizuchi in autumn
– (non-negotiable) visit Shimonada station
I don’t really have any concrete plans yet as I only would like to have a better timing on the second attempt at a fall trip.
– (non-negotiable) prepare for 2018’s bike trip
– (optional) third spring trip or year-end holidays in Japan (both still up in the air and waiting for tickets)


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