2016 recap


Let’s start with the one positive thing:

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji
Only the winter and summer trips were related to this one. The fall trip was just a bonus.

This was an overwhelming success. The winter trip prepared me for the long hike and low temperatures. Although, I have to say, the summit wasn’t as cold as the places I went to during winter.

It was also a blessing that I only experienced mild altitude sickness. Still, I learned my lesson, next time I’ll be bringing some oxygen.

Probably the only… complaint(? not sure if it’s the right word for this) I have is that I wasn’t able to see the sunrise at the summit (I’ll fix that in 2018). Everything else was on point.

Now, let me talk about the recently-concluded fall trip.

I had the trip dates locked down a little over a year in advance. The fact that I failed to notice the dates overlapping with the JLPT exam was my fault. I probably got too excited when I saw the cheap air fares.

Moving on to the ‘meh’ item on the list,

1. study: take N3 test
I was actually going back and forth between taking the test and going on the fall trip way back in August.

At that time, I thought I could still take the test with enough confidence and study time to have a decent chance at passing.

Eventually I decided against it and went through with the fall trip. As a result, I kind of coasted (134 hours of study time debt) throughout the rest of the year because I knew I had another six months to study.

And finally,

3. health: 5 inches less than what was last recorded in 2015
I completely bombed on this one. The waistline played around 39 to 42 inches as I struggled to stick to a working routine. There were even months where I never bothered to get the tape measure.

I got especially fat when trip dates are coming up as I tend to double up on work to wrap up as much as possible before leaving for the trips.

So, for the final tally, 2016 ends with me at 41.5 inches.



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