2016 Japan fall trip (day 6)

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December 2

5:44 am – Got up

7:10 am – Checked out
That concludes the experiment on claustrophobia. The experience was interesting, to say the least.

7:17 am – JR Nagoya station
For the rest of the trip, I went back to Kyoto (for the nth time) to see more autumn colors.


Shinkansen at JR Nagoya station

8:16 am – Bus to Kyoto station
I’ve done this part a few times now so I’m quite familiar with it. The ticket counter is on a small structure on the right after exiting the station’s Taiko dori side.

A one-way ticket costs 2550JPY. If at some point you’ll be going back to Nagoya, you can save 1100JPY if you buy round trip tickets.The only caveat is that you’ll have to specify the date and time for the return trip.

Also, do not lose the ticket as the driver collects them when you get off.


Departs at 8:10 for Kyoto, seat 3D

11:03 am – Kyoto station


Hello again!

I was supposed to dump some of my stuff in a locker but since it was already the middle of the day, I had a hard time looking for vacant small lockers (the 300JPY one). Most of the ones available were of the large type and they were a bit overkill for my tiny backpack.

I finally found one on the other side of Kyoto station.


Only 100-Yen coins can be used

How to use ’em: put your items inside, insert three 100-Yen coins then turn and grab the key. To get your stuff, insert the key, turn it and the door can be opened.

11:54 am – Toji temple
The temple is just a 15/20-minute walk from Kyoto station. Would you believe I haven’t been here before?


Almost there


The ticket counter is somewhere behind those buses

After entering the temple grounds I went past the ticket counter and straight to the east area. This part seemed to be open to the public as I was following a few people towards that direction.

From there you can already see some of the structures inside the temple grounds.


This is where the hands are washed


The first of three structures that were arranged in a row


Got the stamp in there

For the second and third structures, you’ll need to get a ticket to be able to see inside.


The second structure


The third structure and the pagoda


I like the details on this one


Kyoogokokuji Kondo (thanks gmaps!)

There’s a gate just after Kyoogokokuji Kondo on the south side of the grounds.


The pagoda and several colored trees


Another giant yellow tree

After reaching the south gate, I took a short rest and did a 180 towards the ticket counter.

Admission into the garden and pagoda area was 800JPY. On ordinary days, it’ll just be 500JPY. With it you can also enter the temple buildings.

You’ll be greeted by red seats and a red maple tree upon entry.


Maple tree near the entrance

There’s a sakura tree further to the left but it’s all branches.


Four more months…


There’s a pond on the left after passing the maple tree


Red leaves


Some of the trees no longer have leaves


Another sakura tree


Red with yellow background


So pretty


I think this was another sakura tree


Well, hello there


Tiny maples


Pebbled path to Kyoogokokuji Kondo

I also went to see the inside of the two temple buildings. As always, taking photos was not allowed inside.


Calm waters


Bright yellow


I could stare at this all day

Well, I kinda did. I rested on the red benches while taking footage for this timelapse.

2:17 pm – Kyoto station
I went back to Kyoto station to take a train to Uji.

2:56 pm – JR Uji station
This was my third time in Uji. On the first trip, I visited Byodoin and Ujigami shrine. The second visit was just a tea run. This time I decided to walk around town, and buy some tea of course.


Welcome to Uji


One sunny afternoon

Byodoin was my reference as the store where I got the tea is located on the street leading to the temple’s entrance. But since I’ve already seen Byodoin, I decided to walk a bit more towards Amagase dam site.


This way to Byodoin

I passed by a shrine on the way to the dam site.


Don’t know the shrine’s name


There were two visitors back then, me and…


I’m a big fan of giant yellow trees


Are these edible?

As I was walking, I realized I was on the other side of Byodoin, I turned left somewhere and ended up on a path that led to Uji river.


Quiet path


Ooh, boat rides

That small island in the middle of the river is a park (Furitsu Uji park). I crossed the two bridges connecting it to the banks during my first visit.


Why is it always red?


Almost 4 o’clock


This might be the dam site


Few more trees in the park


Purplish red

After a few more minutes I ended up near Byodoin’s entrance.


The scenery at Byodoin’s entrance

4:19 pm – Tea shop


I have got to know the name of this shop

4:40 pm – Keihan Uji station
Oops. Wrong station.

JR and Keihan lines both have stations in Uji. I went to the Keihan one by mistake.

It wasn’t all bad as I got to see an awesome sunset.


It’s not even 5 o’clock

4:59 pm – JR Uji station

5:33 pm – Kyoto station
I retrieved my stuff from the locker and hopped on a bus to my next accommodation: another traditional house on the northern part of Kyoto.

6:49 pm – International Guesthouse Tani House


Wasn’t hard to find the place as there was a sign outside


The genkan (entry way) where Taniさん was waiting


My bed was in the room towards the right at the end of the hall

7:29 pm – Went out
Just the usual walk around the neighborhood.

8:21 pm – At guesthouse

10:53 pm – Sleep

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