2016 Japan fall trip (day 1)

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My first fall trip!

A few months back, I was having second thoughts as to whether I will push through with the trip. Glad I went through with this one.

November 27
5:24 am – Got up

9:46 am – Off to the airport
There were a few taxis waiting on the nearby corner.

10:26 am – Airport

10:51 am – Checked in

11:05 am – Lunch
I ate at Wendy’s again: the same 2-piece chicken as the last time.

2:53 pm – Started boarding

3:07 pm – Seated at plane

3:24 pm – Plane moved

3:46 pm – Plane took off
It was kinda hot in the airplane. My back was sweating.

Not much happened during that part of the day. I basically spent most of the day doing some work and studying a bit before the flight.

7:57 pm – Plane landed

8:15 pm – Done with immigration
There was no line!

8:52 pm – Train to Meitetsu-Nagoya station
I waited for the next empty train so I could sit down and take some pictures.




Ooh, empty seats!


It’s always fun trying to read the flyers

9:42 pm – Nagoya station
It was cold out there. I look like an idiot wearing only shorts and a t-shirt.

10:19 pm – Guesthouse Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae
It was my first time staying in a capsule hotel.


Just a few minutes from JR Nagoya station

They have five floors, one floor for each gender, two for mixed dormitories and a reception/restaurant area on the first floor.


The guesthouse’s 5 floors

Turning left after exiting the elevator leads to the sleeping area. My room was on the third floor.


This way to the sleeping area

The sleeping area looked oddly similar to the mountain hut I stayed at during the Mt Fuji climb. Except this one had partitions.


8th station look-a-like


My sleeping space

On the opposite side of the sleeping area is the luggage place. I was given a key with a corresponding chain to secure oversized luggage. I didn’t use it as I only had a backpack with me.


My room was on the lower bunk


The giant luggage area

The entrance to the shower, toilet and washroom facilities are directly opposite the elevator doors.


Entrance to the shower facilities

There were two mannequins dressed in kimonos (the other one might be a yukata, I’m not sure) beside it.


I bumped into these a few times

I counted three showers, two toilets, four sinks, several mirrors, and a coin-operated washing machine and dryer.


I always use the one nearest the entrance

There’s shampoo and body wash too so there’s no need to bring those (unless you’re a bit particular with the products you use).


The phonebooth-esque shower


Heated seats (of course), and One Piece!


The sinks, washing machine and dryer

200JPY for a 38-minute wash (detergent can be bought from the front desk for 50JPY) and 100JPY for a 30-minute (heated) spin-dry.


I used them both!

11:09 pm – Konbini visit
As always.


こんばんは, Nagoya

11:33 pm – Back to guesthouse

12:19 am – Sleep

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