Nothing good to report…

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…because apparently the universe is not done fucking with me. Either that or I’m currently in a funk. Or both. Probably both.

First things first,

1. study: Take the N3 test
Moved to July 2017. Debt is now waaay up there at 83 hours and 35 minutes.

2. travel: Climb Mt. Fuji
Did that. Will do it again. But first, this:


Mt. Ishizuchi, source: here

3. health: 35 inches before the year ends
After two months of not knowing my circumference, I’m at 42 inches.

So, moving on, let me begin with the impeccable timing when our internet breaks down. It’s kinda suspect when every time I have an out-of-office-hours work thing the internet connection almost always has a problem.

There were more than a few instances but this one took the cake. There was one that was originally scheduled at midnight on the 14th but was rescheduled on the 15th. When I turned on the modem on the 15th, there it was, no connection. Or rather, there it wasn’t.

I was again left scrambling for an internet connection during the wee hours of the morning. I spent six hours at a 7-Eleven near the bus station. No fucking way am I spending more money for hotel accommodations (just for the WiFi) for that shit.

Next one was with the bike. It felt like part of the tire was rubbing up against the bike’s body. When I was checking to see where it was, I couldn’t find it. I spun both wheels to determine which part was out of whack but they were both spinning fine. I even wiggled and shook both tires in any direction I could think of to see if there’s anything loose or misplaced. Still nothing. But when I’m riding, there’s the intermittent sound of the tire’s grooves hitting the frame.

I decided to get it to the shop to have it looked at. It turns out, one of the screws attaching the rear wheel to the frame was a bit loose. A few turns with the wrench fixed it. How the fuck did I not see that?

Lastly, the weather: it was typhoon season. Not that I’m blaming the weather for my laziness. I admit, I am lazy. It’s just that, again, the timing was a bit suspicious.

During most of the last 2 weeks, the days started out sunny, but by the time 4pm rolls around, it rained. Hard. I should have recognized the pattern from the first three or four days and moved the bike time in the morning but I stupidly insisted on doing my bike rides on its usual afternoon time. As a result, I ended up not riding at all. If I were in a better mood I would have immediately changed the schedule.

And speaking of lazy, I could not for the life of me last an hour studying (thus the massive debt). One possible explanation is that I could be procrastinating, given that I have six more months before the test.

I need to stop this downhill slide as soon as possible.

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