Everything has gone to shit

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1. study: take the N3 test

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji
Did that. Click here for the full recap.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

Let me explain.

I really really hate being in Manila. For some reason, I always seem to let myself go when I’m there. When I was able to go home on the 11th, I thought things can finally go back to normal. But when I got home, the bike had flat tires. Turns out it had rarely been used since I left early July. I had it inflated that weekend, and was able to use it for a short distance. I can now go work on item 3, I thought.

With regards to item 1, I haven’t been studying since about a week prior to the trip. I can explain the lack of study time prior to the trip – I was busy as I had to leave the project in a steady state before I left for Japan. As for the time after, I do not know why. Chalk it up to old fashioned laziness.

The two weeks that followed were much worse.

The bike’s wheels can’t seem to stay inflated. I had to get them fixed three times, with the last two repairs only a day apart. That’s when I decided to replace both tires entirely. I got to use it only once as on the 31st I found the bike sprawled on the floor (probably one of the dogs knocked it down) and noticed the front wheel was misaligned after I had picked it up.

I didn’t do a good job with regards to my studies either. The previous project kept rearing its ugly head with activities that were scheduled in the wee hours of the night. Add to that the fact that I’ve been doing double duty with the current project I am working on.

I may have had a bit of time left somewhere but I didn’t study because item 1’s status had been finally decided: I’ll be postponing it for July 2017. I did manage to keep track of my study time debt though. It’s now at 63 hours 35 minutes.

On top of all that, I managed to install Pokemon Go during the last week. That’s two hours of my day right there.

So, yeah. I’ll do my best to get everything back on track this month. Fingers crossed.

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