2016 Japan summer trip (day 15)

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August 6
6:31 am – Got up

10:02 am – Checked out
I had almost the same amount of stuff that I came in with.

10:14 am – At Yamashina station
As usual, Tetsuo-san drove me here. It’s always fun hanging out with him. Plus I get to practice the language.

10:23 am – Train to Osaka station

10:55 am – Osaka station

11:08 am – Train to Kansai airport station
I would just like to make a note about this. The train has eight cars (not sure, but I’m probably correct) but only the first four will be going to Kansai airport. The remaining four will uncouple at Hineno station and proceed to Wakayama station.

This was my first train ride to Kansai airport with ample daylight. The previous ones were always somehow timed with the sunset. Since it was waaay to early, I was able to enjoy the scenery.

Saw Tsutenkaku tower at Shinsekai while making a stop at one of the stations.

A random train about to depart.

This ferris wheel.

Before that day, I had always assumed that was the Tempozan ferris wheel. Now I am absolutely certain it’s not as it looks way too close to the airport. Plus it’s on the wrong side. This one is on the left side of the tracks going to the airport.

I still don’t know its name though.

not tempozan
See what I mean?

It was hard to get a good photo of the airport from the train as there were barriers along the track.

The barriers went all the way up to the station.

12:16 pm – At Kansai airport station
Oh so dark.

I returned the Icoca card at the JR office in the station. I won’t be needing it anymore as I bought the Kansai One Pass card last Sunday.

12:40 pm – At Kansai airport terminal 1
Yep, way to early to be at the airport. I had a lot of time to roam the airport’s four floors. I did a few laps inside the building to check out the place.

3:05 pm – At KIX 4th floor
I hung out near the 4th floor Starbucks before lining up for check in. At one point I got bored I was watching an airport staff collect PET bottles from the bin.

I moved closer to one of the information boards so I can see from which counter I will be lining up.

5:26 pm – Lined up for check in
And here I thought I would be somewhere near the front of the line…

Note to self: Cebupac is at D19-D24 at KIX. Why haven’t I taken note of this before?

5:46 pm – Checked in
I did not know there was an extra fee for checking in stuff. Paid 2400 JPY for the walking stick check in. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed to be hand carried.

Another thing to remember: dump all liquids before the baggage check but keep the containers, there are water fountains near the boarding areas.

Saw a few parked planes while on the way to the gate.


6:31 pm – At the boarding area
I bought some Kit-kat at one of the shops on the airport and took a photo of the paper bag’s design. Looked familiar?

I also checked my data usage for the past 15 days (not even half).

8:31 pm – Late plane
The plane was late. Not even sure if it has landed already.

8:50 pm – Started boarding

9:02 pm – Seated at plane

9:13 pm – Plane moved

9:21 pm – Plane took off
Is it this noisy on the front part of the plane?

I was given an option to change seats at check in and of course I said yes. Initially I was assigned a middle seat on the middle part of the plane and was reassigned to 5a. I wouldn’t know if the noise level in this part of the plane is normal since I’ve always been seated on or near the emergency exits.

August 7
12:05 am – Plane landed

Final note

With this trip, I can now check the second item in this year’s to-do list. I had waited and planned more than two years for that hike and it was every bit as tiring and exciting as I had hoped. Even though I did not get to see the sunrise, I was still one happy camper. And yes, I am thinking of doing it all over again, probably in 2018.

Summer is also a fun time to visit, what with all the festivals happening everywhere and almost at the same time (Fushimi Inari’s Motomiya-sai and Yasaka’s Gion festivals just to name a few).

I had a lot of fun exploring the city on the bicycle. This will definitely push me into doing a full cycling/camping trip one of these days.

With the recap out of the way, I can finally focus on preparing for the fall trip.



  1. reader8billion · September 18, 2016

    you previously mentioned the csspj program , can you please tell me if it’s legit .


    • oaks · September 18, 2016

      I didn’t get very far with them. Can’t remember exactly when I applied (saw their ad at gaijinpot) but I got an email from them last december 22, 2015 informing me about seminars that will be happening the next month in manila. they also requested for me to send my resume in rirekisho format. I did what they asked the next day and even followed up too but i never heard from them again.

      if it helps, here’s what they have as signature at the bottom of the email:

      GTN, Global Trust Networks
      Tel: +81-351-554-672

      国際人材部 村上 あすか 
      東京都新宿区大久保1-14-15 三辰ビル2階
      Tel:03-5155-4672 Fax:03-5155-4679


      Liked by 1 person

      • reader8billion · October 24, 2016

        thank you


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