2016 Japan summer trip (day 11)

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August 2
8:09 am – Got up
I think the previous week’s sleep deprivation finally caught up to me.

1:47 pm – Off we go
Today was tea day. Or rather the day I went to Uji and bought a bunch of tea.

Knowing it was only less than 15 kilometers away, I opted to go by bicycle.

Of course, I strapped the camera onto the bike’s basket.

3:07 pm – At the boundary between Kyoto city and Uji city

3:57 pm – Near Uji station
Uji station was just my reference point. From there, I can find my way to the shops that sell tea products on the way to Byodoin.

I honestly do not know the name of the shop. I just know which one it is from memory.

Matcha overload.

I ate some matcha ice cream before heading back. It was sprinkled with matcha powder. It was an interesting experience for the taste buds. Somehow the powder was clinging to the tongue providing a different matcha aftertaste once the ice cream had already been swallowed.

Also, I felt a bit self-conscious while taking the photo. Not sure why.

4:16 pm – Heading back home

6:38 pm – Home sweet home
I have to say, people were incredibly patient. I’ve never gotten a ‘move it!’ honk all throughout. Not even on the ridiculously narrow streets, nor that one time I didn’t realize I was coming up on a corner and had to brake extra hard I flung myself forward a little bit and realized there was a car waiting.

I couldn’t open them yet, or else I will have to pay the tax owed before departing.

The amount spent that is eligible for tax-free purchases was lowered to 5400 JPY. I don’t know exactly when it was implemented. Probably sometime between February and June, as it was at 10000 JPY last January.

10:26 pm – Sleep
T’was a mellow day.


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