2016 Japan summer trip (day 7)

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July 29
8:39 am – Off we go
After doing the fixes following the code update, I had a quick breakfast, showered and left for Nagoya.

8:47 am – Bus to Yamashina station

9:15 am – Train to Kyoto station

9:36 am – Shinkansen to Nagoya station
This was my third time on the Shinkansen.

The original plan was to take two regular trains to Nagoya station. But because the fixes took a bit longer, I opted to take the Shinkansen to get to Nagoya before 11:00 am.

The previous day my friend and I had agreed to meet at around lunch time. I wanted to get there early as I was also dropping by at a Japanese language school to get some information.

10:11 am – At Nagoya station
After getting out of the station, I went straight to JSLNagoya to inquire. When I got there, they were in the middle of a class and I was told to come back at 1:00 pm. More on this later.

So I went back to Nagoya station to wait for my friend. Since there was still some time before her train arrives, I roamed around the mall attached to the station.

There was a Lego popup shop.

Giant lego sculptures and works of art were scattered throughout the building. I found these three on various floors (can’t remember which ones):



This was probably on a different floor too.

A closer look.

These were around the area where the sale took place.



This was the first one I saw (on the first floor).


11:44 am – Lunch with Jov
She was a former co-worker who now works in Nagoya.

She brought me to a restaurant that serves grilled eel. Apparently eel is a popular food during the summer as it is believed to have strength-replenishing powers.

We did a bit of catching up since the last time I saw her was probably more than three years ago.

12:47 pm – JSLNagoya inquiry
After eating, she went back to work and I went back to JSLNagoya.

That was a bust. You’ll need to have a proper visa in order to study there. They’re not a big school as their office and classrooms are within the same building unit. Also, their lessons are targeted at those aiming to enter Japanese universities.

1:10 pm – Bus to Kyoto station
I decided to take the bus back to Kyoto station since it was a direct route and there were no transfers involved. Even though it costs around the same as that of normal trains, there’s no direct one to Kyoto (except the Shinkansen, but its more expensive).

Good thing I took a photo of this one. The driver collected them when we arrived at Kyoto station.


One of the stops the bus made.

4:04 pm – At Kyoto station

4:14 pm – Train to Gojo station

4:26 pm – Bus to Kamikazankubocho

4:45 pm – Home sweet home
What the building looks like from the overpass over the Shinkansen rails.

Turn your head to the left and you’ll see this.

I did a bit more work then rested for a while.

9:47 pm – Sleep
One of the few decent shut-eyes I had that week.


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