2016 Japan summer trip (day 6)

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July 28
5:12 am – At Kyoto station
The bus that brought me back to Kyoto. I believe it’s next stop was at Osaka.

Kyoto Tower as seen from the escalator on Kyoto Station’s right side.

Good morning Kyoto.

6:45 am – Train to Gojo station

At first I thought the train was coming in at 5:45. I even hurried up because it was already 5:40 on my watch. But then 5:45 came and there was no sign of the train so I thought it was probably a bit late. Then 5:50 came and I checked Google maps again and it said 6:45. I knew I won’t able to stand in line for an hour so I exited the platform and waited somewhere in the shopping area under Kyoto station.

6:57 am – Bus going back to my Kyoto home

7:16 am – Home sweet home
I had a bit more clothes to wash than what was originally intended. It constantly rained on the way down from Mt. Fuji so even the extra clothing that I brought got wet.

I was supposed to ride the bike to find a path to Kyoto station that afternoon but didn’t because the legs were still weak from the previous days’ hikes. Even the short ride to the supermarket was exhausting.

11:59 pm – Lunch
Okonomiyaki from the nearby Fresco supermarket. It was good.

4:07 pm – Finished laundry
Finally, the last batch of clothing had been folded.

Remember the work thing I mentioned while I was on my way up Mt. Fuji’s summit? It was rescheduled to this day. Since I would be available, instead of a support role, I would now be doing the update. The activity was scheduled at midnight so I had to wait one more hour since JST is ahead.

Probably the one mistake I did was not getting some sleep after doing laundry. I spent the hours leading up to the update watching some TV shows that I had downloaded.

Based from experience, code updates with this project are never quick and easy. There’s always something to fix after updating. Always. And this one was no different. The actual change took around 25 minutes and ended at 1:35 JST am the next day. Since I still hadn’t gotten a decent sleep since two days ago, I opted to repay some of the sleep debt after the update. Thanks to multiple alarms, I got up before 5:00 am to do some fixes. I finished up and left the code in a stable state at around 7:57 am (still JST).

The next day…


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