2016 Japan summer trip (day 1)

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Two years in the making.

July 23
7:09 am – Got up
This was later than usual. I had to do some last minute work the previous days and was sleep-deprived since two days ago (around 8 hours of sleep total). Not only that, there was still a last, last minute work that had to be done that morning.

10:51 am – Off to the airport
Traffic was the worst. As always.

12:05 am – Airport
Turns out they were serious about the name change. I was wondering about all the MIAs plastered all over the airport.

1:20 pm – Lined up for check-in

2:16 pm – Finished check-in
They were yelling “last call” for the Osaka flight right as I was waiting for my turn in line.

2:54 pm – Seated at plane
I was seated on an aisle seat so no pictures of the sky or moon or wing or whatever this time.

3:13 pm – Plane moved

3:21 pm – Plane took off
Today had less runway traffic than what I had usually experienced.

7:57 pm – Plane landed

8:22 pm – Lined up at immigration

8:36 pm – Passed immigration check

8:53 pm – Train to Shin-imamiya station
I find it amazing how I now know exactly where to go next after getting out of the airport. Though, downside is I won’t be asking information. I can pretend not to know. I should have asked anyway. Next time then.

9:37 pm – Shin-imamiya station

10:04 pm – Hotel Diamond
This was my second time here. But this time, I was given a room in the old building.

I’m not really picky on accommodations. As long as I can sleep comfortably then I’m good.

I turned on the TV for some background noise. I could understand bits and pieces of it but if you asked me what the program was about, I won’t be able to answer.

Went to the nearby convenience store to get some food and stumbled upon this while I was looking for the previous manhole I saw on my trip last January. It’s weird how I didn’t see this as this one was literally a few meters away from the previous one.

Just some photos of the floor. It looks a bit creepy from the photos because of my insane point and click skills.

The upper left is the sink area. The door on the left leads to the toilet facilities. The upper right and lower left images are some of the rooms. The door on the right side of the lower right image leads to my room.

10:58 pm – Shower
I was so underprepared for tonight. I forgot the hotel is the bring-your-own type for toiletries. As a result, I did not bring soap. I was also forced to use a tiny face towel to wipe myself dry. In my defense, the second place I will be staying at has everything.

Also on the topic of forgetting things, I was unable to bring my eye meds. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had more than three consecutive days without it. I’m screwed.

11:44 pm – Sleep

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