Still nothing new

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1. study: take the N3 test

Just the usual: 182 days with Duolingo and 96 days with Kanji Study. Study time debt got up to 32 hours and 23 minutes though. I got off track ever since I finished the first three books of Nihongo Sou Matome. Maybe I should read those books again.

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji

It looks it’ll be a tight squeeze before departure. The same shit that caused me to postpone this trip from last year is again trying to ruin everything. There’s around three weeks to go, and here’s hoping everything turns out ok.

Everything’s pretty much set up and I’m pretty excited about it.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

I knew I was going to try to do something new. In my defense, I had no choice since for the most part of the month I was away from my bike. My new thing was walking for around 60 minutes, which seemed to not work. I’m back to 41 inches.

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