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1. study: take the N3 test

Not much has changed. I’m around 71% into the Vocab, Grammar and Kanji books of Nihongo Sou Matome. I’ll probably re-do them while with getting started on the Reading and Listening books once I get to 100%.

Fortunately I have only added a few hours to my study time debt. Compared to last month’s 13 hours and 9 minute deficit, I only incurred an hour and 41 minutes.

The streaks are still alive.

Duolingo is at 123 days but still stuck at 39% “english proficency”.

Kanji Study is at 36 days but I have yet to try out the intermediate set.
kanji study

At this point I’m currently leaning towards taking the test. I’ll worry about the fall trip some other time.

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji

No changes either. Everything’s pretty much set. I’ll just have to squeeze this in.

Also, this: I’ve been having this recurring thought of finding some company for the Mt. Fuji hike. I have no idea why and I don’t know where this is coming from. I’ve always gone solo on all my recent adventures and there’s no indication that I’ll need company for this but it keeps coming up. On several occasions I have fought the urge to advertise to social media the need/want (not sure which) for company for the said hike. What’s weird is that this only applies to the hike in particular and not to the whole trip. It’s like once the hike is done, I’ll go ‘see ya!’.

I’m almost sure I’ll be doing this on my own because at the back of my mind, if I don’t do this by myself, it won’t feel that big of an achievement. I hope this thing passes as it is annoying.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

I can’t recall what I did during the first two weeks of the month. I had established something consistent for the latter half: sweating it out for at least 45 minutes every weekday around after 10am. Pretty specific no? You betcha! I even got it down to a specific routine. I did 4 sets of the following:
1. generic planks – 45 seconds
2. mountain climbers – 30 knee tucks, 15 each leg
3. bird dogs – knee and elbow tuck, 4 counts of 10 each side
4. mountain climbers – 20 knee tucks, 10 each leg, knees go outside body
5. pushups – 15 reps
6. leg raises – 15 reps with 4 second holds each
7. “thigh master” – thigh master movement but without the actual thigh master
8. an ab curl – just one, but for 15 counts
9. jog+punch in place – punch with the left while right knee goes high, alternate for 120 counts

I’m not bragging or anything, it hasn’t even produced any results yet (read: 41 inches). I’m not even sure it will produce results. All I’m saying is, I am thankful I finally got something going again with regards to my fat ass.

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