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1. study: take the N3 test

I’m currently playing catch up.

32 days ago I started with the Vocab, Bunpou (Grammar) and Kanji books of Nihongo Sou Matome. I was strict about it so I literally timed myself during study time. I even paused the timer for bathroom and water breaks.

Whatever time that remained for the current day, it would carry over to the next. So if for example, on a Monday, I was only able to study for 40 minutes, the remaining 20 would be added to the 60 for Tuesday, and so on.

During the first 6 days, I was fairly consistent having only an 80-minute deficit. For some reason, on the 7th day I decided to increase the time to 90 minutes. Things went south from there.

I won’t bore you with the details, but as of yesterday I was 13 hours and 9 minutes behind on my study time. Having a deficit is actually a good thing. Sort of. I can track how lazy I’ve been the past few days.

Oh, and about sitting the December exams, I’m still undecided on that bit. Not because I was unable to do a 60-minute/day study time (that was really just to get the ball rolling) but because I have a scheduled trip during the day of the exam. A friend told me I can register here and take the test in Japan. Not sure about that though, but its an option. It’s probably too early to decide so I’ll leave it hanging for now.

Six days ago I had almost decided to drop Duolingo from this list. I was consistently mediocre (20 points/day) and it felt like I wasn’t learning from it anymore. Probably a bigger factor in that decision was the fact that I found a more useful Kanji Study app from the Play Store. I wanted to keep the streak going though so I ended up just lowering the bar to 10 points/day.

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji

One weekend ago I was able to consolidate the scattered to do lists from past trips. I still have a lot listed. So far I have the following:

  1. sunrise at Mt. Fuji summit (duh)
  2. 19.3-km West 北山 Kyoto trail segment
  3. Sennichi Tsuyasai at Mt. Atago

I just have to make these as day trips as I won’t be able to fix them on a particular date this early on.

  1. Amanohashidate, Kyoto
  2. Arashiyama, Kyoto
  3. Tofukuji, Kyoto
  4. Minoo, Osaka
  5. Akame 48 waterfalls
  6. Takeda Castle Ruins, Hyogo

These aren’t really day trip-able as they have around a half day of travel time.

  1. Tsushima Jinja, Kagawa
  2. Shimonada Station, Ehime

I was actually satisfied with the above list until I came across the Kansai Wide Area pass. I think I’m going to need another weekend for this.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

Things are getting worse. I’m now at 41 inches.

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