2014 Japan spring trip (day 3)

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April 30, 2014

That morning, we were on our way to Arashiyama.

We saw these after exiting Saga-Arashiyama Station.

We passed by a train car on display on the way to the bamboo groves.

At the time I thought these were momijis.

There was a group of kids wearing the same hats there. They were probably on a field trip.

The first turn before getting to Nonomiya Shrine.

Some pictures of bamboo trees before Tenryuji.

An entrance to Tenryuji. We didn’t get in though.

Some more pictures of the place. We got here around 11 am, that’s why there were tons of people already.

I passed by this intersection when I did the Kyoto Trail last January. Trail board #15 of the Nishiyama Course is on the right side of this picture.

We took a different path on the way back. Turning left from the photo above leads to a sort of residential area.

This was where the bamboos are manufactured.

The path passes by Nonomiya Shrine towards the first turn above.

We then headed back to Kyoto Station for lunch.

This was lunch.

Kyoto Tower as seen from the bus stop near Kyoto Station.

I took a picture of these girls as they posed for another camera.

We went to Kiyomizudera after eating. This was my first visit.


The Deva gate.

The bell tower.

The three-story pagoda behind the east gate was under construction back then. It was finished by the time I returned the following spring.

Here are more pictures of the temple grounds.

Kiyomizu Stage was a bit crowded. It was already around 2 pm in the afternoon.

Otowa waterfall as seen from the stage.

Are these おみくじ (omikuji)?

We also visited Jishu Shrine behind Kiyomizu’s main hall.

The stage as seen from the side of Okuno-in hall. It was still under construction when I returned the following spring.

We also went to the pagoda on the east side.

We had a sip of water from Otowa waterfall.

Kiyomizu-Zaka street had lots of shops. Most of them have free samples.

Next stop was Ginkakuji.

I think we just followed the indicated route.

Here are some of the pretty things we saw inside.

The gardens looked amazing too.

There’s an uphill path where you can see the whole place.

Here’s the main temple.

It was almost 7 pm when we arrived at Fushimi Inari Station. We hopped on a wrong train and had to do a 180 because the first train didn’t make a stop at Fushimi Inari Station.

There were not many people there.

Here’s a map of the area.

I came back for this the following spring.

I took some photos of the torii gates along the path. I think we just made it until before the parallel rows of torii gates because it was already dark.

Fox-shaped omikuji.

We rested for a bit while deciding where to eat dinner.

We decided to eat somewhere near Kyoto Station. Here’s a picture of Kyoto Tower at night.

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