2014 Japan spring trip (day 6)

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May 3, 2014

The Koyasan experience was a unique one.

We were at the cablecar station at around 10 am.

We visited Osaka Castle after getting back to Osaka at around 1 pm.

We turned right on the path along the inner moat and saw a few people painting.

We came through the bridge on the north side.

There was an event that time. Probably why we didn’t go inside the castle.

After eating ice cream, we walked back to Morinomiya Station and hopped on a train to Osaka Station.

We passed by Grand Front Osaka on the way to Umeda Sky Building from Osaka Station.

To be honest, when I heard about the Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, I was half expecting to see plant life on top of the building.

We took two escalators and an elevator to get to the top. Oh, and admission was 700 JPY.

Looks weird from this angle.

We went to Namba for dinner.

We ate at an okonomiyaki place and walked around the area towards the Glico sign.

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