2014 Japan spring trip (day 5)

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May 2, 2014

We arrived at Gokurakubashi Station at around 1030 am. From here we took the Koyasan Cablecar to Koyasan Station.

The inside of the car looks like bleachers.

There’s only one track between the two stations so I was surprised when I saw this.
There’s actually a part of the track that had two rails, sort of like an oval placed over a straight line. They created the timetable so that two cars going on different directions can share the track at the same time.

We arrived at the Koyasan bus station in a little over an hour.

We spent the night at a Buddhist temple. Can’t recall the name of the place.

The room was huge. Also, a kotatsu!

We had two vegetarian meals (dinner and breakfast the next day) during our overnight stay.

We walked to Danjo Garan and Kongobuji temple. I’m not sure where Danjo Garan ends and Kongobuji begins, so…

We also passed by Reihokan Museum but did not go in.

Our next stop was Okunoin Temple. There are buses at Koyasan but the destinations are also walking distance.

The place was huuuge. There were also lots of giant cedar trees. No cameras were allowed near the temple.

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