2014 Japan spring trip (day 4)

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May 1, 2014

We arrived in Nara around 1 pm. On the way to Todaiji, we passed several parks with lots of deer. It was hard to catch one looking directly at the camera.

On the way to Todaiji.

I think this was Nandaimon Gate.

Todaiji’s main hall, the Daibutsuden.

Saw another group of kids wearing the same colored hats.

Took photos of the 15-meter tall, seated Buddha.

There were also models of the main hall.

Some more of the items on display inside:

There was a line towards one of the main hall’s columns. I saw that children were going through a hole in it. Can’t remember if I had asked anyone about it.

There were a lot of kids that day.

We also visited the east part (Nigatsudo)…

…where we ate lunch.

There’s also a place where there’s a view.

You can see the town from here.

On the way back to the main hall.

We walked back to Kintetsu-Nara Station.

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