2014 Japan spring trip (day 2)

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April 29, 2014

This was what the view from our room looked like.

Vending machines are everywhere.

We went to Kyoto that day.

Kinkakuji was the first temple I ever saw.

It was raining a bit that day.

I’m having a difficult time remembering the other structures inside the temple grounds or the route we took. So far, I’ve only been here once.

There were less people taking pictures from the back.

There was a tea house along the path. First matcha green tea.

What are these called?

On the way to the exit.

Next stop was Ryoanji.

This was the entrance. I remember the ticket counter was on the left side of this photo.

I saw a bunch of plants/flowers that I haven’t seen before on the way to the rock garden. The pink ones are most likely sakuras.

There’s a miniature rock garden.

Couldn’t fit the whole rock garden in a single photo so I tried the phone’s panorama feature.

There’s also a pagoda inside the temple grounds.

Here are some other photos of the area. The pink flowers are probably on the path towards the exit.

Pretty, no?

We went to Ninnaji after. I think we just walked from Ryoanji.

We went inside the Goten Palace buildings. Admission was 500 JPY.

The gardens inside were beautiful.

We went further inside towards the pagoda area.

On the left side of this image are the rows of Omuro cherry trees. These are the same ones I saw the following spring. I don’t know why I didn’t have any photos of them.

I took a photo of the inside of the bus on the way to Gion.

First visit to Gion (Hanamikoji Dori).

We didn’t go all the way to Kenninji.

We ate dinner at a soba place (can’t remember where). We picked what we wanted to eat via a vending machine. At the time I had no idea I was picking a dish for two people. Of course I ate it all, it was delicious.
And yes, I realize now I should not have placed the chopsticks that way. My bad.

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