2015 Japan spring trip (day 5)

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April 9

By this time my feet was already very sore from all the walking. The previous day I had already started to have a slight limp. I was supposed to visit Nagoya Castle and a couple other Hanami spots before going to the airport but I decided to take it easy and just went to Nagoya Castle.

First stop: Nagoya Castle
In contrast to Inuyama Castle, the inside was very different. It was totally remodeled with a sort of museum inside. There’s even an elevator. I probably spent half the day roaming around the castle grounds and reading everything written on the display pieces inside the castle.

I probably took the bus to Nagoya Castle.

Last stop: Chubu International Airport
The airport is similar to KIX in that they are both in land masses that are separate from the main land.

Final Note
It was a very tiring trip. I squeezed in as much as I could in 5 days. Despite that, I really enjoyed it a lot because of all the pinkish white hue.

This was also my first out-of-country solo trip. It was probably after the trip that I realized, “Hey, I can do/see/eat whatever I want.”

And yes, five days is definitely too short a time for Hanami.

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