2015 Japan spring trip (day 4)

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April 8

I got up early because I was going back to Nagoya. Again I hopped on a Nozomi Shinkansen and then dumped my stuff in a locker at Nagoya station.

First stop: Usuzumi Koen
While looking for Hanami spots, I found an article about the three best Sakura trees in Japan. The second oldest, Usuzumi Sakura was the closest one in Gifu so I decided to add it to the itinerary.

Getting here was easy. I hopped on two trains to Tarumi and walked a bit to reach the park.

Next stop: Inuyama Castle
I can’t remember why I decided to visit Inuyama Castle. If I had to guess, I think it was because it was a great Hanami spot. It was (still is) also one of the few remaining original castles (have survived all the wars and natural disasters). The views from the top were awesome. The top ledge was a bit scary as it was only a few feet wide.

It was a short detour before going back to Nagoya.

Next stop: Midland Square
I spent a lot of time on trains during this day so it was already late afternoon when I got back to Nagoya. As the sun was setting, I decided to visit one of the tall buildings with city views. You can see Nagoya Castle from here.

This was walking distance from New Shochikubai Hotel.

Last stop: New shochikubai Hotel
I stayed at the same hotel.

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