2015 Japan spring trip (day 3)

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April 7

All destinations from the previous day were in the Higashiyama area. That’s why there was a lot of walking. This one took me southwest and then mostly west-northwest of Kyoto.

First stop: Fushimi Inari Taisha
This was my second time here. I decided to come back because I wanted to complete the ~2 hour trek around Mt. Inari. Besides, it was a perfect first destination since it had no opening/closing times and getting there early would make for pretty people-less pictures.

Somewhere along the way, I bought a dark chocolate-flavored Kit-kat, which at that time I thought was rare since the store I bought it from was on the other side of Mt. Inari. Later on I found out the opposite. I even saw that same Kit-kat flavor on a convenience store. Still, I was pretty excited when I bought it.

Small World Guesthouse was on the northern part of Kyoto so I took a bus to Kyoto station, again bought a 1 day bus pass (I should have bought 2 day passes the previous day but whatever), then hopped on a train to Inari station.

Next stop: Togetsukyo Bridge
Next, I went to Arashiyama. There’s a lot to see/do in this quaint town. There’s the bamboo groves, the monkey park, a boat ride along Katsura river, a few temples and shrines, and may others. I didn’t go see the bamboo groves since I had been there the previous year. Though, I should have dropped by since I had very few pictures of it. I went straight to the bridge and the nearby park to enjoy the flowers.

I hopped on two trains to get here.

Next stop: Ninna-ji
Ninna-ji temple grounds have around 200 Omuro Sakura trees growing. This variety of cherry tree blooms later than others.

Can’t remember if I took two trains or just one to get here from Arashiyama station.

Next stop: Kyoto Botanical Garden
I was treated to a variety of flowers here. I’m not just talking about varieties of cherry trees, I also saw tulips, and a bunch more that I don’t know the names. This was a huge place with tons of different plants, trees and flowers. They also had a sort of flower nursery.

Used the bus pass as I took two buses to get here. Also, the walk towards the entrance is along the Kamo river where there are also lots of cherry trees lined up.

Next stop: Hirano Shrine
The shrine grounds was a bit small compared to the others that I’ve been to. Though there was a park beside it that was littered with cherry trees. It was probably around 6-ish when I got here and there were already a lot of people eating and drinking under the trees. I even saw groups of people in office clothes having Hanami parties.

Only a bus ride away from Kyoto Botanical garden.

Last stop: Small World Guesthouse
Hopped on a bus going back to the guesthouse. When I got there, I met some of the other guests. Since it was a bit cold, they were going to a public bath. I haven’t been to one before so I tagged along. All I can say is, it was a new experience. Though one of these trips I will definitely visit a real onsen.

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