Behind schedule. Again.

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1. study: take the N3 test

I finally have study materials for N3. Grabbed a copy of Nihongo Sou Matome and Mimi Kara Oboeru from the interwebs. I may need to adjust this item though. If by next month I haven’t dedicated at least 60 minutes of solid study time per day, I won’t sit the 2016 December exam. Instead, I’ll take the 2017 July exam. I really need to create some distance between me and this laptop if I intend to have a decent study time.

The Duolingo streak is still alive at 65 days and I finally finished the Japanese-English tree.
duolingo jap-to-eng tree
This tree is in its final beta stage and is originally intended for Japanese speakers to learn English. I wasn’t expecting much from this since it doesn’t have any lessons with regards to Japanese grammar, vocabulary or Kanji. It’s basically a drill-type thing where if you repeat it a bunch of times, eventually it’ll stick to you. This will be easier if you have some background in Japanese grammar (i.e. you’ve gone through the Minna no Nihongo books).

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji

I’m still not over the January trip. I sometimes find myself browsing through the thousands of photos that I took. Also, I need to start getting back in hiking shape. I have a few months to work on it but it would be better if I got started early.

Accommodations for the July trip are already booked. I’ll be staying at the same place in Kyoto throughout the duration of the trip.

As of this writing, I have three fixed items: the 19.3-km West 北山 Kyoto trail segment I missed from Ninose to Kiyotaki; Sennichi Tsuyasai at Mt. Atago; and the sunrise on Mt. Fuji’s summit. The first two fit perfectly as the starting point going up Mt. Atago is near the last marker for the West 北山 trail in Kiyotaki. I can start the trail on the morning of the 31st and start the ascent to Mt. Atago on that same night. I won’t be able to fix the date for the Mt. Fuji climb though as it would depend greatly on the weather.

I’ll be adding some more things to do/places to see/people to visit/things to eat after I do a bit more research and consolidate all previous to-do lists scattered on multiple notepad files.

Lastly, a little heads up to those using Airbnb for their accommodations in Japan: read this.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

Inactivity dominated the month. As a result, we’re back to 40 inches.What else is there to say? I. Was. Lazy.

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