2016 Japan winter trip (day 9)

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January 31

6:32 am – Got up
I have no specific plans for today. I’ve decided to just check out a language exchange event in Osaka and just basically spend the day there until I proceed to the airport.

8:38 am – Checked out

9:05 am – JR Yamashina station
てつおさん drove me here.

10:50 am – Namba Hips
This is the building that has an 8-shaped hole in the middle located in Namba. I didn’t get to take a picture because I went through the underground path going there. The language exchange event was held on the 4th floor. I was kind of late because I could not find the elevator that goes up to the 4th floor. Turns out it was on the other side of the building.

lex osaka
The language exchange was followed by a church service (Lifehouse Osaka). I stayed for both. It was fun, met some new and interesting people. Will definitely drop by again next time I visit Japan.

4:16 pm – Nankai Namba Station
Remember the Star Wars train I mentioned on the first day? Well, here it is.











6:23 pm – Boarding area
2 hours early… Time to study.

8:34 pm – Boarded late
There were a lot of toddlers on the flight back. I could hear at least four distinct whines.

8:50 pm – Plane moved

Feb 1, 12:06 am – Manila


Final note
This is the most fun trip I’ve had so far.

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