2016 Japan winter trip (day 5)

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January 27

7:00 am – Got up
I’m taking a break today. My thighs are still reeling from all the ups and downs from yesterday. Also, the left butt cheek is a bit sore. I’ll just probably wander around the city in the afternoon.

1:39 pm – Left the apartment

3:24 pm – Kyoto manhole
I walked around 4 kilometers to the place where I bought the cute purses last year. On my way there I snapped this picture.

3:54 pm – Sanjokeihan Station
One of this subway station’s entrances is part of a building. Interesting.

6:38 pm – Home sweet home
Went by the Fresco supermarket nearby and bought some stuff. They close at 9 pm so I’ll go back around 8 to check if they do discounts on the edibles before they close up.

8:32 pm – Back home again
So, they do do discounts but when I got there (around 8:10) there weren’t many choices. They probably start labeling the discounts a bit earlier than 8:00.

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