2016 Japan winter trip (day 2)

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January 24

6:03 am – Got up
I did not get a decent sleep. I woke up a few times during the night. I’m probably still adjusting to the cold weather, and the weird pillow – it feels like one of the pieces used in the chinese jackstone, only larger and a bit firmer.

8:00 am – Checked out
The place was ok. It has seven floors with identical layout. Each floor has a toilet, washroom, and kitchen areas. The only downside was that there is only one shower for each gender. There’s a public bath though. Also the lobby is a smoking area. I guess the rooms (or at least some of them) are too. Mine had an ash tray in it.

9:54 am – Kyoto station
The idiot in me got off at the wrong station: Namba instead of Umeda. I also took the local train from Osaka to Kyoto because I didn’t trust hyperdia when I couldn’t see what it said on the station’s timetable display.

10:07 am – Internet setup
I purchased a sim card that has 1GB for one month. This should be enough for map queries and the occasional emails and messages.

11:07 am – Maps bought
I bought the 300-yen English version of the map. The lady said it has all trail segments. This was a bit different from what I saw from the website.

11:33 am – 東山 Trail board #1

12:22 pm – 東山 Trail board #3-1
P_20160124_122256Somehow I missed #2. The view from here is amazing.

12:40 pm – 東山 Trail board #3-2

12:43 pm – 東山 Trail board #3-3

12:55 pm – 東山 Trail board #4

1:00 pm – 東山 Trail board #5

1:08 pm – 東山 Trail board #6

1:40 pm – 東山 Trail board #9
I got lost and missed #7 and #8. I was only able to find #9 because I had previously saved its GPS coordinates.

1:56 pm – 東山 Trail board #11
At this point I’ve already ditched the map and relied on the saved GPS coordinates. While following the directions for #10, it led to a sort of dead end and when I tried backtracking and looking for other paths to the saved coordinates, I stumbled upon #11. The coordinates for #11 weren’t even correct.

2:25 pm – Sanjusangendo temple
Due to the frustrations of being unable to identify where in the map I currently was, I halted the hike and just went to a place that I haven’t been to.
Also, I dropped the phone for the first time. It was a huge booboo as now there are a few cracks on the upper part of the screen. I blame the cold weather.

5:40 pm – Airbnb place

I was here the whole week.

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