Incomplete* 2016 To Do list

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*There is one big unknown (more on that below) that will determine what I will add to this list, so for now I’ll just be listing the items that I think will be constant whatever the outcome of that thing may be.

1. study: take the N3 test

Whether I pass or fail the N4 test, I will move on to N3 since passing a lower level is not required to take a higher one. You may ask, ‘why take the test at all if you have no intention of passing it?’ First of all, I did not say I had no intention of passing any of the tests I take. Secondly, the real goal is to pass N2 and I’m just pacing myself. I can’t just say ‘pass N2 by 2019’ now because I know somewhere along the way, I’ll lose focus or just plain give up. It’ll serve as some sort of progress monitor and periodic reminder to stay on track.

I’ll need to gather N3 study materials and find a way to supplement the self-study with conversations. The Japanese-to-English Duolingo course can probably help a bit (plus there’s that streak that I’ve always wanted to continue) but I’ll need actual human conversations. There’s the HelloTalk app but it hasn’t worked for me before and I don’t think it’ll be helpful this time around. I still have the Cebu option from last year but it’ll depend on the outcome of that thing I’m uncertain about.

2. travel: climb Mt. Fuji

This is the only must-do for this item. I’m not sure how pissed I’m going to get if I’m not able to do this. Most likely very, very pissed.

Aaanyway, aside from the July (Mt. Fuji) trip, there’s also the January (Winter Kyoto trail) and November (Fall)  trips. All dates are set but I may or may not go through with the November trip depending on the outcome of that thing below. Either way, 2016 is looking good.

3. health: hack away the 5 inches gained last 2015

The problem with me is that I can’t stick to one routine that lasts for a few months. To lessen the time spent sitting down, I set up a tall desk and made it my work space: it lasted a little over two weeks. I tried doing pushups every hour: I got intermittent results – some days I do some days I don’t. The only thing I remember that stuck was the near-daily riding during the middle of 2013. Incidentally, that was also the time when I had the smallest waistline.

I may have figured out how though. I think what I need to do to lose unwanted girth is to keep the heart rate elevated for at least an hour a day. That’s essentially what was happening during those months back in 2013.


So, here’s the thing: a friend mentioned program called CSSPJ (Corporate Sponsored Study Program in Japan). From what I’ve researched, it’s a way for people to study Japanese language while in Japan. A company will sponsor the student visa and you get to work (part-time) for that same company. Part of the earned wages will be used to pay for the studies and living expenses. I’ve submitted my application and there’s a scheduled orientation on the 19th of January. This orientation I think will be a sort of introduction of the program. Hopefully all the whats, hows and whens will be answered by then.

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